Our Services and Values

VRFriends is professional to recruit and provide candidates across a wide range of junior level, middle level and management positions. The positions which we are keen to are sales and marketing, PR, administrative and secretarial, information and technology, accounting and financing, etc. which can be placed in terms of Permanent Services, Temporary Services or Contract Services.

We also create our values through the business as below;


We care; we respect people on their individual work life so as to support them to achieve their goals and career paths. And also trying to help people searching and creating them to develop themselves on their opportunities in terms of career advancements.


A core factor of a company to operate the business successfully is the human resources. We care about the company to have all good talents who can help the business work efficiency and successfully. Not only having the good talents, retaining them for the company is also important as the successful company cannot be lack of the good human resources.